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dinosaur run – race master.

The only game dino jurassic simulator run which lets you see amazing predatory dinosaurs in action and challenge them for ultimate survival!

Complete missions to be doing your most feared dino jurassic simulator run.

Collect a lot of points to try to achieve the best position in the world ranking! Scroll through the route comfortably thanks to the easy controls that the game offers.

Feel the speed of the dinosaur on your phone! This is a dinosaur game adapted to all ages, but the children will enjoy it in a very special way.

They’ll laugh and enjoy while they learn how life was like in the Jurassic and how difficult it was to survive!

Dino jurassic simulator run features:
– Jurassic environment!
– Amazing graphics!
– Easy commands!
– Thematic Music!

Banana Jungle Monkey Run

Get started to adventure Jungle Monkey Run in the most intuitive way with “Banana Jungle Monkey Run”. The app is perfect for all the kids and beginners to get started with their Monkey Run adventure. Learn quickly the basics of Running using images and interactive flashcards. All the Monkey Run adventure are well categorized and organized to help the kids and beginners get used to Enjoy.